21 Day Closing Guarantee


The Guarantee:

That you (Borrower) will be able to sign your mortgage loan Closing Documents within 21 days after we have received a complete copy of the Purchase Contract.

How It Works:

  • In order to accomplish this, Borrower(s) must respond to all requests for additional information and/or documentation (including Disclosures) within 24 hours (including weekends).
  • Appraisal must be ordered within 5 days of receiving the Purchase Contract.
  • Rate must be locked within 10 days of receiving the Purchase Contract.
  • This only applies to Conventional, FHA and VA loans.
  • Note: For VA loans, appraisal must be ordered within 3 days.

What’s Not Included:

  • Holidays
  • A low appraisal value (assuming it will take some additional time for Borrower and Seller to come to terms).
  • Appraisals with “subject to” conditions that can’t be repaired in time. (A Final Inspection has to be performed by the appraiser to confirm the repairs were completed before the loan can be approved.)
  • Jumbo loans, Down Payment Assistance loans, Non-QM loans, or loans that are being done with simultaneous seconds.
  • Manufactured homes.


If you are not able to sign your Closing Documents within 21 days, and you have met the above conditions, we will mail you and your agent a check for $500 (after Closing)