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One Month Before Your Move

  • Use a folder to carry necessary documentation pertaining to your move.
  • Create deadlines and reminders around your moving date.
  • Have a yard sale to rid yourself of old belongings or unnecessary and unwanted items.
  • Items you can’t sell at your garage sales can be picked up by charity organizations.
  • Begin collecting boxes, tape, pads, and other moving supplies.
  • Begin to forget all of your warm clothes if you’re moving to Arizona.
  • Reserve a moving truck and/or trailer.
  • Ensure you have proper information for your new residence. Locate doctor’s offices and document schooling information.
  • Make sure you’ve organized the necessary documentation needed for the loan process before you begin moving.
  • Transfer your insurance policies and begin to update address.

Three Weeks Before the Move

  • Schedule your utility transfer dates. (Shutoff and turn on.)
  • Inform those you are affiliated with about your move.
  • Donate canned foods and non perishable items to the local food bank or church.
  • Update your voter information and verify the change of address,
  • Contact your subscriptions and update new address.
  • Contact and update the post office and forward mail.
  • Keep records of your moving expenses for tax deduction purposes.

Two Weeks Before the Move

  • Transfer your stocks, bonds, bank accounts, and safety deposit box contents nearby.
  • Keep clothing you’ll need readily available while beginning to pack and store additional clothing items.
  • Double check your list to ensure you are on track for a successful move.

One Week Before the Move

  • Drain water from your hoses, remove fuel/oil from machinery, and make sure you use the remainder of your propane.
  • Throw away aerosol, paint, oils, and any other flammable/ toxic chemicals prior to moving.
  • Regarding items you may need, label them and organize them in the same area.
  • Make sure pest control services your new home prior to moving, especially if it is newly built.
  • After cleaning out the fridge, let it air out for 24 hours.

Moving Day

  • RELAXATION is key! Moving to Arizona is exciting but don’t forget to enjoy it!
  • If you’re loading items that you’ll need first, make sure you load them LAST.
  • Once everything is removed from your home, participate in a final walk-through. You’ll want to inspect storage areas as well as behind doors, stairwells, and outside of the home.
  • Ensure your new home is clean and have a plan on where you want to place everything before you and your belonging arrive.
  • Enjoy your new home by sitting back and relaxing. There’s no need to unpack everything right away!