Best Neighborhoods in Gilbert, AZ

  • Posted on August 22, 2023 by Price Mortgage

Discovering the Best Neighborhoods in Gilbert, AZ can be a thrilling journey.

Many find themselves stumped when attempting to locate the ideal community to call home.

In this blog post, we are going to explore some of the Best Neighborhoods in Gilbert, AZ.

You may be unsure where to start. But that is okay, as this is what separates the casual house hunter from the determined homebuyer!


Agritopia has quickly become one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Arizona, attracting a high demand from homebuyers. With its abundance of amenities and attractions, this neighborhood offers everything one could ask for.

Agritopia is a planned community spread across 166 acres in Gilbert, Arizona. It aims to foster a sense of agrarianism and community among people from different socioeconomic backgrounds. This unique agrihood features residential plots, a certified organic farm, and commercial spaces. The homes available range from 1300 square feet to 7000 square feet in size. The design includes narrow streets, front porches, and low back fences to promote social interaction between neighbors.

The neighborhood was developed by Joe Johnston in the 2000s on the land where his family farm used to be. It consists of 452 lots, and the developer constructed single-family homes, cottages, and bungalows that are designed in neotraditional architectural styles popular in early 20th century America. The community also features an operational urban farm, a community garden, a private Christian school with a capacity for 470 students, a community center, a retirement home, and four restaurants. To maintain the character of the neighborhood, certain rules were established by the developers which encouraged businesses operated from homes or related to agriculture while discouraging rental housing options. Additionally, pedestrian-friendly transportation is promoted within the area.

Agritopia boasts two individual restaurants at present. “Joe’s Farm Grill” gained recognition on the Food Network’s popular program, “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” hosted by Guy Fieri. Adjacent to Joe’s Farm Grill is “The Coffee Shop,” which emerged victorious in an episode of Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars.” A cluster of structures known as “Barnone” showcases skilled artisans selling their handcrafted products while also creating them on-site.

Val Vista Lakes

Situated in the heart of Gilbert, AZ, Val Vista Lakes is one of the original masterplanned communities in Gilbert, established back in the mid 1980’s. Don’t let the age deter you though, the location of the community and the fact that most homes have been upgraded since it’s inception makes this community one of the most sought after locations for Gilbert homeowners. Val Vista Lakes is a vibrant community that stands out for its welcoming ambience and excellent amenities.

Residential Subdivisions of Val Vista Lakes

The neighborhood spans 900 acres and comprises 24 unique residential subdivisions. Each subdivision showcases distinct architectural styles catering to diverse tastes.

A notable feature is the presence of several custom gated communities within these subdivisions – an aspect that enhances privacy while fostering a close-knit environment among residents.

Amenities in Val Vista Lakes

Beyond just homes, Val vista lakes boasts commercial areas designed to cater daily needs right at your doorstep. From grocery stores to cafes; everything you need lies within reach.

This planned urban development also prioritizes healthcare with excellent medical facilities located conveniently across various points inside it.

Educational institutions are another highlight here as some top-rated schools serve this area making it ideal choice families children all ages.

As we move on from our exploration into life at Val vista lakes, let’s dive next Power Ranch-another equally charming neighborhood waiting be discovered.

Power Ranch

The Power Ranch neighborhood boasts diverse housing styles with an average home size of approximately 2,176 square feet.

Priced with a median cost of $365k (as of Sept 2022), these homes are not only budget-friendly but also attractive and well kept.

This makes Power Ranch ideal for families looking to settle down or real estate investors seeking profitable opportunities.

Recreational Facilities at Power Ranch

Beyond beautiful residences, recreational facilities are abundant here as well.

You’ll find lush green parks perfect for picnics or playdates and scenic walking trails designed to encourage outdoor activity among residents.

Families can enjoy quality time together exploring nature without leaving their neighborhood.


An upscale golfing community, Seville is known for its beautifully designed homes that cater to various price points. Living in this neighborhood provides access to seven large parks and numerous sports courts.

Golfing Opportunities at Seville

The Seville Golf & Country Club is a highlight of the area, offering residents an 18-hole championship course with stunning views. The club also offers professional coaching services catering both seasoned players and beginners alike.

In addition to traditional golf, residents can enjoy footgolf – a fun blend of soccer and golf popular among families. With these diverse options available within the community itself, it’s no wonder why Seville has become synonymous with top-tier golf experiences in Gilbert.

Community Parks & Sports Courts

Apart from its renowned fairways, Sevile boasts multiple recreational facilities such as tennis courts, basketball courts, and volleyball areas spread across several parks like Total Wine Park or Double R Meadows Park. These spaces provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities fostering an active lifestyle amongst residents. Moreover, the presence of playgrounds makes sure kids too have their share of fun while living here.

Layton Lakes

As a picturesque neighborhood in Gilbert, Layton Lakes is known for its scenic beauty and family-friendly amenities.

This community boasts two top-rated schools: Chandler Traditional Academy – Liberty Campus and Perry High School.

Schools serving the Layton Lake area

The quality of education here is commendable. Chandler Traditional Academy excels in academics with an emphasis on traditional learning methods.

Perry High School, renowned for academic excellence and diverse extracurricular activities, prepares students well for their future endeavors.

Walking Trails in Layton lakes

Apart from excellent schooling facilities, this lake-filled neighborhood also offers numerous walking trails that promote outdoor activity among residents.

  1. The Discovery Trail provides stunning views of nature while ensuring safety with its paved paths.
  2. The Riparian Preserve trail takes you through various ecosystems offering educational insights about local flora & fauna.
  3. The Veterans Oasis Park trail caters to fitness enthusiasts who prefer long-distance running or biking amidst serene surroundings.

In essence, Layton Lakes offers a perfect blend of quality education and active lifestyle, making it one of the best neighborhoods in Gilbert, AZ for families with children.

Morrison Ranch

Located centrally in Gilbert, Morrison Ranch is a master-planned community that effortlessly combines premium features with quality craftsmanship. This neighborhood stands out for its modern architecture blended seamlessly with traditional styles such as Farmhouse, Ranch and Cottage designs.

Architectural Styles prevalent at Morrison ranch

The architectural diversity within this community contributes to its unique charm and appeal. Homes here showcase elements of classic American design combined with contemporary aesthetics.

You’ll find residences featuring the simplicity and functionality of Farmhouse style, alongside those embodying the rustic allure of Ranch style homes.

Cottage styled houses also dot the landscape, adding an element of coziness to this vibrant neighborhood.

Public Parks & Open Spaces

Apart from stunning home designs, another aspect enhancing life at Morrison Ranch are tree-lined streets interspersed by parks and open green spaces. These areas serve as perfect spots for family picnics or leisurely strolls on sunny afternoons.

In fact,“green living”is more than just a concept here; it’s woven into everyday life making it one among top neighborhoods in Gilbert.

In our next section we will explore Ashland Ranch which offers similar amenities but has some distinct characteristics setting it apart.

Ashland Ranch: A Haven for Active Lifestyle Enthusiasts and Families

Located just a few miles from the vibrant Downtown Gilbert, Ashland Ranch is an idyllic neighborhood that harmoniously blends tranquility with recreational opportunities.

Recreational Facilities Nearby Ashland Ranch

This quiet community, consisting of nearly 700 homes, offers easy access to several top-notch facilities designed for active lifestyle enthusiasts.

Residents of Ashland Ranch can enjoy the picturesque green areas and sports courts at Discovery District Park, perfect for weekend get-togethers or soccer matches.

In addition to this park’s amenities, residents can also take advantage of multiple walking trails ideal for morning jogs or evening strolls within the community itself.

Schools Serving the Ashland ranch Area

Beyond recreation options, Ashland Ranch stands out due to its excellent school system making it an attractive choice when raising kids in Gilbert.

Homes here are served by highly-rated schools like Settler’s Point Elementary School, South Valley Junior High School, and Campo Verde High School.

This strong emphasis on quality education adds another layer of appeal to this sought-after neighborhood.

Adora Trails

A master-planned community, Adora Trails, is a haven for adventure enthusiasts due to its proximity to the San Tan Mountain Regional Park.

Hiking, Biking, & Horseback Riding opportunities around Adora Trails

The neighborhood offers easy access to diverse outdoor activities like hiking, biking and horseback riding.

This makes it an ideal choice for those who love staying active and exploring nature’s beauty firsthand.

Walking Trail Network within Adora Trials

Beyond these adventurous pursuits, this Gilbert gem also boasts more than 12 miles of walking trails right in the heart of the community itself.

Serving as a great way to stay fit or simply enjoy leisurely strolls amidst scenic surroundings; these well-maintained paths are another reason why residents cherish living here so much.

Moving on from Adora Trails’ enticing offerings let us now explore yet another charming neighborhood in Gilbert – The Islands.

The Islands: A Serene Oasis in Gilbert

Imagine living in a neighborhood that feels like an oasis, right within the city. That’s what The Islands, one of Gilbert’s premier communities, offers its residents.

Lakes and Landscaping Features Within The Islands

This unique community spans over 80 acres of lakes coupled with lush landscaping that creates a serene environment for homeowners.

The three artificial lakes are a haven for different kinds of fish and waterfowl, offering plentiful chances to go fishing or birdwatching without having to leave your backyard.

In addition to this natural beauty, the area is adorned with palm trees and green spaces ideal for picnics or leisurely walks along the waterfront trails.

Schools Serving The Island Area

Families moving into The Islands will be pleased by the excellent educational facilities available here.

The neighborhood feeds into some top-rated schools including Gilbert Public Schools District, known for their commitment towards academic excellence and student development.

Homes ranging from 841 to 5706 sq ft offer varied options catering diverse needs making it suitable choice families seeking tranquil yet vibrant lifestyle amidst urban conveniences.

Lyons Gate

A rapidly growing master-planned community, Lyons Gate is home to 1936 homes. This neighborhood offers a unique blend of young and mature families alike.

Diverse Amenities in Lyons Gate

The area boasts three pools that provide residents with an excellent spot for relaxation and fun during the hot Arizona summers. Residents of Lyons Gate have a plethora of playgrounds to choose from, with eight scattered across the community for kids to enjoy.

Beyond these amenities, walking trails weave their way through this vibrant neighborhood offering scenic views and promoting active lifestyles among its inhabitants.

Housing Options in Lyon’s gate

The houses within Lyons gate stand out due to their distinct architectural design loaded with designer features which add aesthetic appeal enhancing your living experience here. The homes, ranging from single-family units to larger residences suitable for extended families cater diverse housing needs.
This variety ensures prospective homeowners can find something tailored specifically towards their preferences & lifestyle requirements while considering budget constraints as well.
Gearing up next, we will delve into another family-friendly neighbourhood – Coronado Ranch.

Coronado Ranch: A Family-Friendly Community

Nestled at the northeast intersection of Higley Road and Queen Creek road, Coronado Ranch is a family-friendly community in Gilbert.

A Look into Coronado Ranch Homes

This well-established neighborhood comprises 998 homes primarily consisting of large single-family residences built between 2001 to 2004. The majority of these homes range from 1498 to 4015 square feet in size, offering ample space for growing families. They typically feature three to seven bedrooms and two to four bathrooms – perfect for those needing extra room or planning on expanding their household.

Schools Serving the Coronado ranch Area

The educational needs are catered by top-rated schools like Power Elementary School, Sossaman Middle School, and Higley Highschool. These institutions not only offer quality education but also contribute significantly towards shaping an enriching environment conducive for children’s overall growth.

Remember that while this information provides a snapshot about living in Coronadao Ranch it’s always best practice when house hunting is consulting with real estate professionals who can provide detailed insights tailored your specific requirements.


Exploring the best neighborhoods in Gilbert, AZ has been quite a journey.

We’ve discovered master-planned communities like Val Vista Lakes and Power Ranch, brimming with amenities and friendly neighbors.

We’ve marveled at Seville’s upscale golfing community and Layton Lake’s scenic landscapes coupled with top-rated schools.

Ranch, Ashland Ranch, Adora Trails have shown us that quality craftsmanship can coexist beautifully with natural beauty and adventure.

The Islands took our breath away with its lush landscaping while Lyons Gate impressed us with its fast-growing nature and designer homes. And finally Coronado ranch captivated us as an established family-friendly neighborhood.

If you’re considering making one of these amazing communities your home, then Price Mortgage is here to help you navigate through the mortgage process effortlessly. We are a local mortgage broker located right here in Gilbert committed to helping potential homeowners secure their dream homes within budget. Start your home buying journey today by reaching out. Let’s make your dreams come true!

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